No. 12 & 14, Jln bpp 8/2, Bandar putra permai, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia
10A.M. - 8P.M.

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Jenis2 Kurma
Pemborong Kurma Green Diamond komited untuk memberikan buah kurma berkualiti premium dan mampan yang dibeli dengan beretika daripada petani dan dihantar dengan cara terbaik kepada pelanggan. Green Diamond sentiasa memastikan bahawa buah kurma berkualiti terbaik pada masa yang sama syarikat menggalakan piawaian sosial, ekonomi dan alam sekitar dalam kegiatannya.

1kg Ajwa A
Original price was: RM110.00.Current price is: RM52.00. Add to Cart
1kg Ajwa AAA VIP (Large)
Original price was: RM130.00.Current price is: RM70.00. Add to Cart
1kg Buah Apricot
Original price was: RM90.00.Current price is: RM56.00. Add to Cart
1kg Kacang Pistachio
Original price was: RM80.00.Current price is: RM60.00. Add to Cart
1kg Kismis Golden Jumbo
Original price was: RM55.00.Current price is: RM40.00. Add to Cart
1kg Mariami Premium AAA VIP
Original price was: RM60.00.Current price is: RM40.00. Add to Cart
Ajwa A Pouch Bag 200g*24pcs
Original price was: RM380.00.Current price is: RM303.00. Add to Cart
Ajwa Jumbo Luxury Box 500g*12pcs
Original price was: RM480.00.Current price is: RM440.00. Add to Cart
Ajwa Premium A – 5kg
Original price was: RM300.00.Current price is: RM240.00. Add to Cart
Ajwa Premium VIP AAA Jumbo 2 – 5kg
Original price was: RM450.00.Current price is: RM305.00. Add to Cart
Kurma Deglet Bertangkai 400g*12pkt
Original price was: RM120.00.Current price is: RM98.00. Add to Cart
Mariami A – 5kg
Original price was: RM120.00.Current price is: RM70.00. Add to Cart
Mariami Premium AA – 5kg
Original price was: RM200.00.Current price is: RM123.00. Add to Cart
Natural Deglet Noor Loose – 5kg
Original price was: RM125.00.Current price is: RM70.00. Add to Cart
PROMOSI !!! Deglet Tanpa Tangkai 12pkt * 400g
Original price was: RM120.00.Current price is: RM74.00. Add to Cart
Rotab Green Diamond 12pkt * 600gm
Original price was: RM135.00.Current price is: RM95.00. Add to Cart

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