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Kurma Green Diamond

Green Diamond International S/B (1007167-m) is the house of best quality Dates Fruit located in Malaysia; the heart of east Asia. The vision of company is to deliver the excellent grade of dates to every one’s home in the globe. Through the journey of the expansion from its’ original country in middle east toward Asia, Green Diamond has been always committed to provide the unique varieties of dates to all the main Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei and Singapore. The company’s mission is to expand its’ unique and most reliable brand of dates internationally.

As a premier exporter of verities of dates in middle east and a chief wholesaler in Asian market, Green Diamond has established its warmhearted relationships with different business partners, retailers, local communities and individual customers in the regions. Green Diamond is fully excited to give a heavenly taste of its premium dates to everyone in the globe.

The main verities of dates as core products of our company are listed below:

1. Ajwa – The Ajwa variety of dates is one that is cultivated in the Al-Madina region of Saudi Arabia.
2. Mabroom – Mabroom dates are a type of soft dry date variety (similar to Ajwa dates) that are grown mainly in Saudi Arabia in the Western Peninsula.
3. Safawi – Safawi dates are a special variety of dates mainly grown in Saudi Arabia in the Al-Madina region.
4. Sayer – A thin-skinned, semi-dry date with a unique taste, ranging from yellow, to amber, to reddish-brown in colour as it ripens
5. Mazafati – A medium-sized, dark, soft, fleshy date with a sweet taste and relatively high moisture content
6. Piarom – A round, black-brown date, widely considered the most delicious of all semi-dry date varieties
7. Rabbi – A soft, dark-brown, semi-dried date which are long in size and have a moisture content of under 15%
8. Kabkab – A soft, wet, syrupy date, dark brown in colour and longer in length than most other varieties of date
9. Zahidi - A semi-dry date with a sweet, sugary flavour, smooth, glossy golden-yellow skin and full of syrup
10. Medjool - The most difficult to cultivate and therefore most expensive variety of date, large in size and with amber to reddish-brown skin, fibrous texture and a rich, sweet taste
11. The Deglet Noor date is one of the various cultivars of dates. The name Deglet Noor in Arabic means ‘queen of dates’.
Green Diamond warehouses are located in capital of Iran; Tehran and the most strategic port of Iran; Bandar-e Abbas. Our packaging factory is located in Kerman, in south east of Iran. We have two giant well equipped cold-rooms in both Kerman and Bandar-e Abbas.