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Kurma Green Diamond

Kurma Green Diamond is committed to provide sustainable premium quality of dates fruit that is ethically purchased from farmers and delivered in best way to customers. Green Diamond always ensure that dates are in their best quality while the company promote social, economic and environmental standards in its practices.

A holistic approach is taken to provide ethical sourcing, implementing responsible practice towards purchasing premium quality dates, farmer supports, and environmental standards.

In Green Diamond dates fruit Company, there is always a careful practice on the payment for local farmers, protect the rights of workers, fair conditions towards the whole process of preparing dates fruit from local farms to customer doorstep. Green Diamond is honored to have built a 38 years of strong relationship with local farmers. We build a future with farmers by working closely with them, protecting their rights, paying them on time, pre-purchasing of their whole products, educating them the standards for high quality dates fruit cultivation. These are the main reasons how we can offer the lowest price for our high quality dates in the world market.

Prohibition of child and forced labor is one of the big concerns for Green Diamond Company during years of serving customers. As a Date fruit company, exclusive Date wholesaler, premier Iranian/Saudi Arabia/Algerian Dates supplier and exporter of dates fruit, we always remember our tight belonging to local farmers’ communities, hence we all together create a long-term supply of premium quality dates and positively impact the lives of palm farmers, their communities and the whole people and the planet.

Important additions to our practices include activities to manage waste products and reduce it to the possible minimum amount, protect water quality for the purpose of washing the dates fruit before packaging, and reduce the pesticides and agrochemicals use in local palm farms. Our ultimate goal is to provide 100% organic dates fruit in utmost reliable and sustainable relationship with our local farmers and loyal customers.


Highest quality and hand picked dates fruit...